Coach Duggs: Homecoming – Toledo vs. Tennessee

Duggs and Co. went on the road to Knoxville tonight in the most anticipated matchup of Toledo’s entire season, #2 Toledo against #15 Tennessee.

This was a perfect opportunity for Toledo to get another statement win on their resume coming off their victory over Notre Dame.

Prince Fontana got things started on the right foot for Toledo with a 30 yard kickoff return.

Cade Shippley found Bam Bam Calloway in the flat for a 25 yard gain, a sequence that has become a staple in Toledo’s offense this season.

Shippley threw an interception near midfield to kill any momentum Toledo was building to start the game.

Star Tennessee QB Blake Bortles and star RB Rico Burgerton formed a fearsome 2-headed monster on offense that Duggs would have to deal with all night.

Duggs’ defense stood tall to force a 3-and-out and Duggs could be overhead calling Tennessee’s head coach, “a bitch of a head coach” for not going for it on 4th and 1.

Shippley found Bubba Butt straight away on Toledo’s next drive for a 71 yard receiving TD.

7-0 Toledo.

Rico started off Tennessee’s ensuing drive with a shifty 12 yard rush followed on the next play with an 11 yard dash, and then ANOTHER run on the 3rd play of the drive for a 16 yard gain.

The Rico show was in full effect.

In a boneheaded play Duggs’ defense failed to pick up a backwards pass from Bortles that would have resulted in a surefire touchdown.

Nevertheless Toledo was able to force the Volunteers into another punt.

To nobody’s surprise Duggs continued to lean on Bam Bam with his offensive playcalling.

Toledo wasn’t able to stop Bam Bam from gaining positive yardage but they hadn’t given up an explosive play from him yet.

Shippley continue to find his tight end, Bubba Butt over the middle for solid gains.

Bam Bam punched in a 5 yard TD, dragging a couple of Tennessee defenders with him to boot.

14-0 Toledo.

Bortles found Rico for a 1st down on a screen pass as Rico continued to be the majority of the Volunteers’ offense.

A Robert Roberto sack on 3rd and a mile led to Tennessee punting on 4th and 27.

Toledo was driving with 3 minutes left in the half on the strength of Bam Bam runs and smart decision and accuracy from Shippley.

Tennessee’s defense came up with a huge sack to force Toledo into a 4th and 17 from the 43 with 1:32 left in the half.

Shippley got sacked again for a turnover on downs.

What a reckless decision from Duggs.

Bortles fumbled on the first play after Tennessee got the ball and Toledo recovered!

After a review, the call was overturned. Crisis averted for the Volunteers.

Bortles uncorked a 47 yard completion to Vincent Moltisanti to bring Tennessee into the red zone with a minute left.

Rico ran in a short TD to cut Toledo’s run in half.

14-7 Duggs.

Coach Duggs’ questionable play-calling comes back to bite him.

A 28 yard strike from Shippley to WR Anthony Smith brought the Rockets into field goal range only for Duggs to go for it.

Shippley threw his 2nd interception of the half going for the end zone.

14-7 Toledo at the half.

Rico started off the half with a bang for Tennessee following up a 14 yard reception with a 60+ yard rush.

Duggs’ defense made an incredible diving interception in the end zone on a deep pass from Bortles.

What a huge momentum swing.

Toledo went back to what they know best with a 14 yard gain on the ground from Bam Bam.

Shippley found Butt AGAIN over the middle for a 16 yard gain.

Shippley then found Ken Moore for a 20 yard TD after a couple of solid runs by Bam Bam.

21-7 Toledo.

Tennessee wouldn’t go away quietly with Bortles finding John Jones for a 28 yard reception.

A 21 yard receiving TD for Tiny Scoops on a screen pass from Bortles brought the Volunteers back into the game.

21-14 Toledo.

Shippley scampered for 14 yards and 18 yards on separate plays on Toledo’s following drive to keep the chains moving.

Bam Bam surpassed 1,000 yards on the season after a short gain as Toledo continue to drive down the field.

A 14 yard TD run from Bam Bam looked light it might have sealed the deal for Toledo.

28-14 Toledo.

Duggs’ defense forced Tennessee into and 3-and-out and that was all she wrote folks.

After Toledo failed to convert on 4 tries within the 5 yard line, Bortles launched a missile downfield for a 85 yard gain!

Bortles ran in a 3 yard TD with 1:16 left.

28-21 Toledo.

Toledo recovered the onside kick to seal the deal.

Big win for Duggs against his old team.

Despite the win Toledo dropped to #3 in the rankings.

Toledo then went on the road to play unranked Central Michigan as part of a, “Duggleheader.”

Shippley threw an interception near the end zone on Toledo’s first drive as Duggs claimed that, “the chat caused that pick.”

Central Michigan star RB took a run 80 yard to the house to capitalize on Shippley’s mistake.

7-0 Central Michigan.

Bam Bam hit a nice spin move on the way to a 44 yard reception on Toledo’s next drive and Shippley hit Butt over the middle for an 18 yard gain.

Bam Bam capped the drive off with a 1 yard touchdown.


Central Michigan star QB Adrian Scott was doing a solid job finding his receivers early in the game.

He found Brian Synder on a 17 yard reception to kick off the 2nd quarter and bring Central Michigan into field goal range.

Scott was slicing and dicing Duggs’ defense.

Morris continued his big day on the ground with an 11 yard rush.

Scott then connected with Snyder for an 11 yard TD.

What a drive.

14-7 Central Michigan.

Shippley got the ball moving with a 15 yard pass to Bo Hammer on Toledo’s next drive.

On the next play Shippley tucked the ball and ran for a 23 yard gain.

Bam Bam finished off the drive with a 1 yard TD run.


It feels like Bam Bam has 75 touchdowns on the season.

Scott continued to find his TE Ryan Harper over the middle giving Duggs a taste of his own medicine.

After Central Michigan was forced to punt Shippley found Butt and Robert Quinn on chunk gains through the air.

A 16 yard completion to Butt and a 12 yard run by Shippley brought Toledo to the 1 yard line.

Bo Hammer ran it in for a TD.

21-14 Toledo at the half.

Coming out of the half Morris continued to be unstoppable running the ball for Central Michigan.

Despite this, Duggs’ defense was able to force Central Michigan into a punt.

On Toledo’s following drive Duggs stupidly went for it on 4th and 12 near field goal range and didn’t convert.

After Central Michigan’s drive stalled out they attempted a 52 yard field goal … that fell around 10 yard short.

Shippley drove his team down the field and Bam Bam punched in another short TD.

28-14 Duggs.

IDK man, it’s Central Michigan, this is getting boring.

Central Michigan refused to with Adrian Scott shredding Duggs’ defense before finding Brian Snyder on a 20 yard TD.

28-21 Duggs.

Duggs and Co. drained the clock with run after run after run after run after run until Bam Bam got his millionth touchdown of the season.

35-21 Toledo.

Toledo sealed the deal with an interception of Scott with 13 seconds left.

Shippley threw a meaningless interception to end the game on a Hail Mary attempt to run up the score.

So a successful “Duggleheader” night for Toledo and Duggs.


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