Coach Duggs: Homecoming – Toledo vs. Notre Dame

Duggs plays his 2nd game of the day, a home game against Notre Dame.

Toledo is ranked #2 and Notre Dame is #6.

This win would be huge for Duggs and Co. in terms of boosting their end of season strength of schedule.

Toledo elected to kickoff and right away Notre Dame’s star RB Anthony Sellers got a 22 yard reception and followed it up with a 34 yard rush.

Star QB Ty Greer found WR Al Jackson for a 4 yard TD.

7-0 Irish.

Shippley threw an interception on Toledo’s first drive trying to force the ball to Bam Bam Calloway.

Greer hit Anthony Sellers for a 32 yard receiving TD.

14-0 Irish.

Duggs went for it on 4th and 9 deep in his own territory and Shippley found Calloway for a 19 yard completion.

Bo Hammer followed it up with a 16 yard rush.

Then Bubba Butt took a pass 27 yards to the house.

Duggs was screaming, “We’re back, we’re back!!!”

14-7 Irish.

Duggs defense forced Notre Dame into a deep field goal try on their next drive which they missed.

Toledo then drove down the field with a heavy dosage of Bam Bam runs and catches.

There was a big completion to Sisqo Bey sprinkled in as well as some runs from Hammer too.

A 4 yard completion to the flat from Shippley to Bam Bam on 4th and 4 led to a TD.


Duggs’ defense forced Notre Dame into a 3-and-out and then got a 2-minute drill opportunity to take the lead before the end of the half.

An 18 yard completion over the middle from Shippley to Sisqo Bey kept the chains moving.

A 15 yard reception from Tony Quinn brought Toledo to the 2 yard line.

No surprise that Bam Bam ran it in for a TD.

21-14 Toledo.

Robert Roberto ended the half for Toledo with a huge sack of Greer as time expired.

Bam Bam opened the 2nd half with a 13 yard run.

Shippley and Bam Bam moved Toledo down the field with solid gain after solid gain, nothing explsoive.

A 15 yard reception from TE Bubba Butt brought Toledo into the red zone and a Bam Bam run brought them inside the 5.

RB Brock Hemi busted through for a 1 yard touchdown.

28-14 Toledo.

What a turnaround, 28 unanswered for Duggs and Co.

Greer and Sellers moved Notre Dame down the field well, until the drive fizzled out.

Notre Dame made the field goal.

28-17 Duggs.

After a onslaught of Bam Bam runs Shippley found WR Ken Moore for a 12 yard TD.

35-17 Toledo.

Greer and Sellers moved Notre Dame down the field against Duggs’ defense with relative ease but time was running out.

RB Luis Medley ran in a 4 yard TD to give the Irish a fighting chance.

The 2 point conversion was good.

35-25 Toledo.

A 15 yard completion from Shippley to WR Prince Fontana was a huge conversion on 3rd and 13 that sealed the game.

Bam Bam, as usual, ran in a 2 yard TD.

42-25 Duggs.

Roberto added to his sack total with another takedown of Greer.

After a Notre Dame punt Shippley drove Toledo down the field.

A 36 yard pass to Bam Bam took Toledo to the 3 yard line where Bam Bam punched it in from there.

After the 2 point conversion Duggs had his 50 Burger.

50-25 Toledo.

What a win.

Toledo faces Duggs’ old team Tennessee in Knoxville tomorrow night.


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