Dave Portnoy Is The Greatest Trader Of All Time

Mr. Portnoy, the founder of Davey Day Trade Global (DDTG), has been making a ton of noise on Wall Street. As soon as sports were cancelled, Dave discovered a path to new found greatness; trading.

Many were skeptical on his trading style, but all his skeptics were left looking foolish.

His most controversial statement, “Warren Buffett is washed”, had all ‘the suits’ shook.

Chart of two great traders calls on airlines in May

On May 5th, 2020, Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway Chairman) publicly stated that they sold ALL of their airline stocks. What was Portnoy doing? He was buying all the shares they sold.

As expected, every airline stock rose substantially. $JETS, the airline ETF, saw a rise of almost 100% from the bottom to the high.

Portnoy’s Portfolio as of 06/15/2020

One point down 60% , Dave stormed back “running the ball”, hitting a high of $1,000,000+ in total profits.

$PENN Stock Chart

His baby, $PENN (Penn National Gaming) a casino stock, in which, Dave owns “a shit ton”, has risen a staggering 1000% from its March lows to highs.

Everything Portnoy touches turns to gold.

Photo credit to @StonksCapital

Dave gave an incredible speech on 5/14 and here are the returns of his holdings:

Still don’t believe it?

Dave pulled out random letters from a box of Scrabble and bought whatever came out.

What happened next? You guessed it.

Banked $200,000.

“Stocks only go up!” – Dave Portnoy


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