Kanye West: Wash Us In The Blood – Song Review

Alright so we have a new single? from newly-minted billionaire and Gap-business partner Kanye West.

The song is called “Wash Us In The Blood” and features frequent collaborator Travis Scott.

The song release is accompanied by the official video as well.

Let’s work backwards and address the video first.

The video is … I don’t even know what the video is.

There’s snippets of police interacting with civilians and then patients in hospitals? with masks on. Are they coronavirus patients?

Sound random guy dancing in his bed room?

A snippet of Ahmaud Arbery jogging down the street.

Also a recurring shot of Kanye’s face with some sort of mask generating/pixelating over it?

Shots from a video game that seems to be Grand Theft Auto?

Videos, presumably from the last few weeks, of people shooting fireworks at each other.

A car in the middle of a crowd drifting and slamming into a bunch of people.

Split screen shots of different pictures of goats and the guy who was dancing in his room.

Then it ends with a shot of Kanye’s daughter North West dancing at some sort of Sunday Service recital, while Kanye reads off lyrics from the song.

The video is directed by Arhur Jafa who is a video artist and cinematographer.

Alright let’s get into the actual song.

It starts with Kanye mumbling what sounds like some sort of rain dance chant.

I can’t tell whether this song is a protest song of racial injustice or a gospel song or some combination of both.

After a short intro verse from Kanye we cut to sampling of some sort of gospel song or preacher making a speech.

The most repeated phrases in the song by Kanye are, “Wash us in the/your blood” and “rain down on us.”

In the middle of the song we get 15 seconds from Kanye rapping?, “Holy Spirit come down” and “Holy Spirit help now.”

Kanye makes allusions to, mass incarceration, slavery, and genocide throughout the song.

Travis stops by for a 15 second verse, which was pretty cool but nothing special.

Why so short of a verse is anyone’s guess.

The best moment of the song lyrically is from 2:42-2:52 when Kanye raps,

“They wana edit the interviews”

“They wana take it to interludes”

“Cut a whole sentence to interlude”

“You know that it’s fake if it’s in the news”

“So I let it fly when I’m in the booth”

“The Devil a lie and I bend the truth.”

The beat of the song has a blaring horn almost like a car alarm throughout most of the song.

At times it sounds like a combination of the unreleased “God Level” and “Send It Up” from Yeezus.

Overall the song is pretty cool nothing amazing.

It’s a step in the right direction from Jesus is King.

In his tweet releasing the song Kanye says it is mixed by Dr. Dre.

Which goes back to the idea that Kanye has tweeted about a few times in the past of putting out an album with/produced by Dr. Dre.

I still maintain that Kanye can put out a really good album that is gospel-type music.

Whether that album is the Dr. Dre one and/or the one featuring “Was Us In The Blood” remains to be seen.

We know its not Jesus is King, that’s for sure.


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