Coach Duggs: Homecoming – MAC Championship

#1 Toledo took on unranked Balling State today in the MAC Championship game.

Toledo’s undefeated season was on the line as well as their chance to make the national title game.

Duggs stuck with his run-heavy play calling style early in the championship game as RB Bam Bam Calloway picked up a first down.

RB Bo Hammer rumbled his way to an 11 yard reception to set up 3rd and 3 where QB Cade Shippley found Bam Bam for 15 yards.

A 23 yard rush from Shippley brought Toledo to the 3 yard line as the QB fumbled out of bounds. Bo Hammer ran in the short TD.

7-0 Toledo.

Star QB Derek Ward ran for 53 yards on Ball State’s first play on offense.

A 10 yard reception by Clifton Sutton brought Ball State into scoring range and a Courtney Thomas receiving TD immediately followed.


Shippley found WR Prince Fontana on a 34 yard pass to get the ball rolling on Toledo’s next drive.

After a few Bam Bam runs Shippley found TE Bubba Butt on a 12 yard TD.

14-7 Toledo.

Ward found TE Courtney Dougherty for a first down and then Sutton for another one in quick succession.

Ball state’s drive stalled out and split the uprights on a deep field goal.

14-10 Toledo.

Toledo drove down the field on the strength of Bam Bam runs which has been the dominant story of their entire season.

Shippley was almost picked on the goal line on a deep pass but the Ball State defenders dropped it.

He then threw a certain interception on 4th down only for the Ball state defender to drop it again.

Turnover on downs.

Toledo forced a 3-and-out thanks to a huge tackle of Ball State star RB Joey Stanford on a screen.

Shippley found WR Sisqo Bey for a 24 yard gain.

He then found Tony Quinn on a contested deep bomb to bring Toledo into the red zone.

Bam Bam ran in a 2 yard TD.

21-10 Toledo.

Toledo gave up a huge run to Joey Stanford, who had an open lane to the end zone but ran into his teammates.

Ball State was able to get a field goal as the 1st half clock expired.

21-13 Toledo.

Ball State was forced to punt on their first drive after Roberto hit Ward for an incomplete pass on 3rd down.

A Shippley 12 yard run and a Butt 22 yard reception brought Toledo into field goal range.

Bam Bam ran the touchdown in for 5 yards.

After an unsuccessful 2 point conversion:

27-13 Toledo.

A punt from Ball State but the game entirely in Duggs’ hands.

One more touchdown and the game would be a wrap.

Duggs converted on 4th and 6 on Shark Wheel from Shippley to Bam Bam and that effectively sealed the game.

A short field goal from kicker PFT Commenter made it:

30-13 Toledo.

Ward threw a pointless TD to WR Eric McCarthy

30-20 Toledo.

Woahhhh what a second.

Ball State recovered the onside kick.

A 19 yard TD reception by Josh Leak made it a ballgame.

30-27 Toledo with 1:30 left.

Toledo recovered the onside kick and proceeded to drain the clock with Bam Bam run after Bam Bam run.

But not before Shippley threw an interception in the endzone, and Ball State took a knee with no time left on the clock.

Duggs and Toledo are MAC Champions.


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