High Off Life – First Reaction – Fuck With, Don’t Fuck With

Future Hndrxx, the founding father of toxic masculinity, returns in 2020 with his eighth studio album, High Off Life, which features 21 cuts with a truck load of notable features. His first project since SAVE ME, and first full length studio album since The WIZRD (One of Future’s most underrated pieces).

Is Future finally slowing down though? Life is Good, the lead single of the project, did not impress. Every time you see two legends, Drake & Future, hop on a track you are expecting it to be an unquestioned smash. Yet, these two cannot seem to get in sync with their contrasting styles. This is prevalent on Life is Good, in which, it is two different songs in one. That clearly does not matter though as it went 4x platinum (ha).

Let’s see.

“Trapped in the Sun”

Intros are so important, as it sets the tone for the rest of the project. Future came through with a banger. Catchy hook, consistent flow, hard beat.

fuck with

“HiTek- Tek”

This would be a good song to lift to but the chorus is trash. I cannot get over it.

don’t fuck with

“Touch The Sky”

This sounds straight off 56 nights, which is most definitely a good thing. The 808’s take over any room you’re in.

fuck with

“Solitaries ft. Travis Scott”

I always have high expectations whenever these two collab. Their sounds should translate perfectly. You can see that on here showing some solid chemistry, yet it is nothing special. Like I said, I have high expectations with high profile artists like these two. The song is okay, but it fails to reach those expectations. The chorus is weak, but Travis does have a good verse.

don’t fuck with

“Ridin Strikers”

The first part of the song is cool, but I hate the beat switch. I will be skipping it after the first part is over. Yikes.

don’t fuck with

“One of My”

This is dope.

fuck with

“Posted with Demons”

This will probably be one of the more underrated cuts on the album. The flute is back and it is used perfectly. Future has an awesome flow on here. Do not overlook this one.

fuck with

“Hard to Choose One”

A low-key vibe produced by Southside. It’s cool, but does not jump out.

fuck with

“Trillionaire ft. NBA YoungBoy”

YoungBoy never really stood out to me, but I never gave him a chance either. These two show excellent chemistry on that first verse. Future takes it home the rest of the way with a smooth YoungBoy hook. Is this actually what this dude sounds like? I might have to give him a shot after this one.

fuck with

“Harlem Shake ft. Young Thug”

Interesting song. Future with the ultimate lackadaisical flow on the chorus. Thugga sounds really good, but his verse is too short. The beat is incredible, but the actual song is not.

don’t fuck with

“Up the River”

Very smooth, chilling beat. Future keeps it real and letting everyone he does not give a fuck.

fuck with

“Pray for a Key”

Future proclaims that he is “DYING to go berserk”… then why didn’t he do it on here?

don’t fuck with

“Too Comfortable”

The father of toxic masculinity shows why on here. The toxic anthem of the album.

fuck with

“All Bad ft. Lil Uzi Vert”

Whoever decided the name of the song, also decided how it was going to sound. This beat sounds like this should be in a video game for 12 year olds, or maybe for a Disney movie?

don’t fuck with

“Outer Space Bih”


don’t fuck with

“Accept My Flaws”

Best song on the album. Super Hndrxx’s flow is relentless on this joint. Great beat. I consider this the outro because the rest of the songs were just thrown on for streams. With that said, very good outro.

fuck with

High Off Life first reaction?

9/16 fuck with’s. That is just above 50%… not great. I had low expectations coming into it and it met those expectations, unfortunately. There are some stand outs, but this is not Future Hndrxx at his best (That hurt to say).

Final Verdict: don’t fuck with


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