Dark Lane Demo Tapes First Reaction (Fuck With, Don’t Fuck With)

Last night, Drake dropped “Dark Lane Demo Tapes”, his first project since 2018, including “leaks, SoundCloud tracks and some new vibes.” 

That pretty much describes it perfectly, as it’s just an assembly of random songs. It seemed obvious something was coming since he leaked 10+ songs in the past two months when he always keeps his collection air tight.

Let’s jump into it.

“Pain 1993” (Ft. Playboi Carti)

Jesus Christ, Carti. What the fuck happened here? Once a rising star, now slowly fading into the black. He’s been arrogantly sticking with his “baby voice”, and it is not working. I can’t believe Drake kept him on. Drake adapted well to the hazy vibe, but this did not live up the hype, whatsoever. 

Don’t fuck with it (Carti ruined it)

“Desires (Ft. Future)”

A ‘What a Time To Be Alive’ throwaway. This was the first joint Drake leaked a couple months ago. In his 20 second verse, Future reflects on his past affair, almost paying her loans off and getting her a personal driver. Future’s fuck ups are even a flex. Drake came through flowing about wanting to hide his girl, topped with a relatively catchy chorus, and a smooth outro. I’m just curious what is so toxic in Texas that we have to keep these girls away from?

Fuck with it

“Time Flies”

“I’M OUTSIDE IN THE AMG” Definitely caught some “Feel No Ways” vibes, which is one of, if not, Drake’s best song on ‘Views’. I fuck with this one for sure and contender for one of the best songs on the project. The second verse before the outro could have used a tune up, as the flow was choppy. Speaking of the outro… what a vibe. The GOAT of outros. If Drake put some more work into this, it could have been a solid album filler.

Fuck with it

D4L” (Ft. Future, Young Thug)

This may be an unpopular opinion, but this song is pretty forgettable. Drake and Thug do not mix well, i.e ‘Sacrifices’, ‘Ice Melts’, and that didn’t change here. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either. I love Drake and Future, and appreciate Thugga, but this ain’t it. It may be hot for a week but that will simmer quickly. 

Don’t fuck with it


You know Drake is about to go in when he puts his dad in the intro. He opens up in Drake fashion, rapping about a relationship that went off course. He’s very adamant about what he’s saying is indisputable, ending each verse with “I’m not trying to make no song, these are cold facts.” Is this another song about Jorja Smith? Weird but I’m fine with it. He still feels jaded about whoever this is about, and you can feel it in this.

Fuck with it

“Demons” (Ft. Fivio Foreign, Sosa Geek)

This beat is crazy. Drake hopped back on his UK drill vibes. He didn’t want to get accused of stealing the culture, so he put on Fivio and Sosa. Both of their verses were forgettable and do not sound distinctive, despite Drake giving them extremely high praise comparing them to “KD and Kyrie.” Fivio sounds a Costco version of Chief Keef. Drake should have kept this to himself and put some more work into it.

Fuck with it (Beat is too hard)

“From Florida With Love”

I fuck with this one. One of the better tracks on the tape. Effortlessly rapping about Wayne playing “Lollipop” for him and Kobe (R.I.P) on a tour bus, and getting robbed at gun point in 2010. Combine that with a smooth chorus, “Fuck that, I’m back baby, where the love?”, he got something.

Fuck with it

“Not You Too” (Ft. Chris Brown [Kinda…])

Two things are misleading with this one. The first 10 seconds of the song I was expecting something…well… better. The title of the song is also very misleading as Chris Breezy is just used for his ad-libs, which is disappointing. However, its a smooth R&B heavy piece about the lack of trust Drake has for women. It might grow on me but not feeling it first time around.

Don’t fuck with it

“Deep Pockets”

Lyrically, Drake’s best song on the album. Great word play, keeps the flow clean reliving his past dreams and how he accomplished them. Not quite album worthy but definitely a nice piece. 

Fuck with it

When To Say When”

It’s fine, but…

Don’t fuck with it


A throwaway track thats not album worthy but not so terrible to never be heard

Don’t fuck with it

“Chicago Freestyle” (Ft. Giveon)

What the fuck? That’s NOT Sampha? Well he sounds incredible. Drake gets real, reflecting on the lessons he learned from his come up and past relationship mistakes. He also sampled Eminem’s ‘Superman’, one of the most memorable bridges. This is the best song on the tape and album worthy.

Fuck with it

Giveon & Drake, respectively

Dark Lane Demo Tapes First Reaction?

Fuck with it

Listen to our podcast on Drake’s Top 20 songs all time here https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/people-forget-that/id1490783490?i=1000471339704


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